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gets attacked by a werewolf. [yadawiki link="Ada Argyle" show="Ada"] saves her life. Hank then becomes a werewolf. Ada is a vampire. Hank discovers the underground society of vampires, werewolves and more. Ada sells weed for money, and is kind of a bounty hunter. Hank is a medical illustrator. Ada is complicated. Hank is attracted to Ada. Things get complicated. Hank is trying to adjust to her new life.


It takes place in October of 2012 in [yadawiki link="Somehere in Denver" show="Denver"], Colorado. Also, it's right before the use of recreational marijuana was legalized.


Additional Information

Story Concept Origin

The idea of this story came from while LR Hale was sleeping days and up during nights, and how being on that circadian rhythm can feel isolating.


TNBTU was originally planned to be to 30 chapters long.
Abandoned Storylines  
  • After defeating Gustav, it was planned that Hank, Ada and the gang were going to take down of the Shepherds. It was scrapped because it would've been a very long arc.
  • Software and Fonts  
  • Clip Studio Pro
  • Font: Spinnerrack - Dialogue
  • Always Angry - Dearly Departed

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